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Maintaining Coral Aquariums In The Home

    If you want an aquarium that is unique and different, coral reefs are the way to go. There are many different types of coral to choose from, and they are just as exciting to watch as all the species of fish in the sea. Once you have your live coral aquarium in the home and the filtration system in place, however, there are several additions you will need for these special organisms to thrive.

    Lighting is a primary concern for any live coral aquarium owner, as it is rather complex and requires special attention. Coral aquarium lighting is based on the photosynthesis principle, because all the types of coral synthesize chemicals that are necessary for their food production and survival. There are many different types of lighting, so it's best to ask an expert for advice. New live coral lighting systems based on LED technology, which combine the best needs of live rocks and other supplies, are one example of what's now available. Temperature control is another important aspect of live coral aquariums, because it is vital to maintain and overall temperature between 78 and 83 degrees.

    Water flow mechanisms are also important for live coral in the home. All types of coral require assistance in removing waste and cleaning up the aquarium water; therefore, one must install a flow mechanism that provides good clean healthy water for coral growth. The flow of water should be around ten times the coral tank's capacity. Different types of coral require different flow rates, however, and one must consult a live coral aquarium expert as to what is best for the particular system. A siphoning and return channel system is used to keep the water flowing inside the live coral tank, and it's important to understand the basic theory of coral and other invertebrate's growth to successfully breed live coral organisms.

    There are clearly a lot of things that must be learned about the different types of coral and the things that are required for healthy coral growth, so an expert should always be involved in any new aquarium decision.

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